Midland Manufacturing Secured by Threeway


Threeway Pressings have continued their strategy of growth by diversification with the acquisition of the Spyra base brand in May 2011.

Threeway have been involved with Spyra Base products for a number of years supplying many of the company’s ground anchorage and security products for distribution into a range of diverse markets.

Over the past few years Threeway has worked closely and invested a six figure sum into product innovation and improvement, tooling, machinery and marketing to enhance and support Spyra base which was followed by the recent outright purchase of the niche product brand.

Threeway believe the various applications possible with the product range together with the cross selling opportunities available from its current manufacturing and distribution of the Bullbarrow wheelbarrow range into 800 garden centres and building and hardware merchants nation wide amount to a significant opportunity for growth.Bullbarrow also supplies ‘Blue chip’ retailers such as The Range and Tesco’s.

“Application wise the product is a great fit for a whole range of different markets and the products have also passed military trials” said Richard Perry.

Opportunities outside the garden centre market include addressing the problems of theft of high value items such as boats, motorbikes, caravans and large plant and machinery and the ability for the product to anchor items such as narrow boats, marquees, inflatable buildings and even light aircraft thereby assisting businesses with any safety issues.

Recent use of Spyra base includes the royal agricultural show in securing temporary seating to the grand ring. The 4000 seating ring was secured by 67 hurricane anchors each taking only 1 minute to insert.

The Spyra base product range is incredibly simple screw in , screw out with manual drivers available for relevant products and even a hydraulic insertion tool is available to assist with large multiple anchorage events.

“Previously the company sourced some of its product range from the Far East and Eastern Europe, however with escalating shipping costs, logistical problems and storage issues this became uneconomical.

Threeway has flipped this situation on its head with investment in purpose built machinery and tooling to wind both the standard spirals and the flat blade spirals, in economical short batches, all automatically cut to various lengths” Said Phil Stanley

“Everything is interchangeable to reduce variation in production and dramatically improve efficiency thereby reducing lead times and alleviating storage problems. The entire process is controlled using local suppliers to ensure adherence to strict quality standards. The product will now be entirely “Made in the Midlands””. 

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