Paterson the first to produce and supply LED lights in the UK

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Tipton based Made in the Midlands members Paterson Photographic, part of the TWP Group is the first company in the UK to manufacture an LED lamp for both Professional and Amateur photographers.

Paterson is renowned for its high-quality traditional Darkroom film processing hardware which, for many years, has supplied a global market place of schools, colleges, professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts.

The design and production of the LED studio lighting lamp were to provide an alternative to the far eastern manufactured fluorescent lamps which were inherently unreliable, fragile and cumbersome due to their size.

In an interview at the Photography show , at the NEC, Managing Director Phil Stanley set himself a challenge to create a more reliable and efficient lamp using LED bulbs.

“This time last year I decided to set myself the challenge of bringing a new product to the show. What we achieved was the manufacture of an LED Lamp capable of producing more Lumens than the imported lamp but with less heat produced and a lot less power required to run”

The LED lamp is also much smaller than its competitors and less fragile as the casing is produced in tough plastic which will not shatter if dropped or mishandled.

Phil is very excited about the opportunities this new lamp will bring to Paterson as it will complement the darkroom hardware and BENBO Tripods already distributed into the global photography marketplace.

“It is changing the perception that Paterson is just a producer of darkroom equipment, we can now offer products for the whole demographic of the photography industry from young to old and from analogue  to digital”

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