Threeway Pressings is continuing its business strategy of employing young people with potential to succeed in diverse roles from administration through production and distribution to skilled and semiskilled engineering roles.

We took on our first apprentice twenty years ago straight from school.

Under the mentorship of Phil Stanley this young man thrived from his involvement in many diverse activities within the company from Toolmaking to Production and Manufacturing.

The achievements were not only Technical his personality also developed, from a shy youth in his {rst years at Threeway, he now has the personality and skills to be employed as the Company’s works manager reporting directly to the Directors and orchestrating the day to day activities of the Company and its 50 employees.

The ethos at Threeway Pressings has always been to give opportunities to people seeking to better themselves and make a contribution.

Over the last twenty years Threeway has employed and encouraged many young people to have a career in Engineering and Manufacturing despite the sometimes negative press the industry receives.

More recently, with advancements in technology, the workplace for the engineer is becoming more modern and diverse which can only be a positive change. In October this year, with the ageing demographic still existing within the skilled sector of manufacturing, Threeway took on not one but two new apprentices.

One in toolmaking and one in press setting. With the assistance of Linda at LEMA YLean Engineering and Manufacturing Academy) they have been employed with Threeway for a two year duration with Day release. Already after a short time they have become fully engaged with the company its employees and the company’s desire to strengthen manufacturing in the midlands area.

Over the last few years Threeway has been approached by individual’s cold calling for job possibilities. One young man came to the door hoping for a job in our welding facility, at the time a vacancy wasn’t available but the enthusiasm and desire shown to knock on the door could not be ignored.

The young man in question was taken on in the automatic press shop and now is involved in the setting and operating of a number of presses and machinery vital to Threeway’s future On another occasion a lad straight from school, who was looking for employment, came to our reception. Initially he was turned down as he was considered unsuitable for a vacancy we had in tube manipulation. As he was leaving the premises we reconsidered and asked him back.

We couldn’t ignore his desire and willingness to and employment in engineering. That young lad is now responsible for all our tube manipulation requirements off our 5axis Langbow and DB40 Tube manipulation machines.

Threeway Pressings have always been surprised at how adaptable people can be when given the opportunities, training and encouragement. Our continuing growth and diversi{cation into many aspects of Engineering, Manufacturing and Distribution will only enhance and open up further opportunities within our business.

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