Proud Midlands firm Bullbarrow announces new ergonomically friendly gardening range previously made in China


In just about any other industry, design has developed and improved regularly over time, making the lives of today’s consumers both more pleasant and more efficient. So why have garden implements been ignored? “Ergonomics is the study of making products optimally comfortable to use” maintains one of a team of American industrial designers. Chris Adams, a human factor engineer involved in advanced ergonomics for tooling further explains “for garden tools, the first essentials of design include the ease of lifting and balancing which will in turn automatically expedite work tasks. Such changes in product performance help to decrease fatigue, avoid injuries, and generally improve quality of life for the gardener.” 

Managing Director Phil Stanley Bullbarrow and Threeway Pressings comments "Its a real boost for Midlands industry that these products are available on the high street, sourced locally from UK manufacturers, designed and built by Midlands firms - previously an American product, manufactured in China - now a UK product, bought back from China for the European market. We've been able to turn our hand and expertise to create these high performance garden tools which have ticked all of the consumers boxes."

 Every product in the range of tools from Brilliant Garden Products is carefully manufactured using the highest quality materials and techniques available. From their best selling ‘naturally easier’ hand tools, with blades fashioned in aluminium and magnesium for a combination of lightness and strength, and their comfortable curved handles cushioning any impact to hands and wrists, this innovative 6-piece set of hand tools help to make gardening (even  weeding!) a joy instead of a chore. Moving on through the wide range of tools from Brilliant Garden Products, the extra-long fibreglass shafts combined with the tough carbon steel blades  of the popular Pro-Lite digging tools, on to the superb quality of the professional ‘Pro’ tools made entirely of premium grade stainless steel with resin-encased shafts, topped by the globally famous  ‘O’ cushion handle which allows room for both hands (giving advanced leverage), and to the eclectic  assortment of clever time and labour saving products which satisfy the needs of any gardener - regardless of age or ability - it seems that modernity has finally evolved in the garden tool industry.

To top it all, the purchase price throughout the entire Brilliant Garden Product range is remarkably affordable, even taking into account all the dedicated aspects employed over many years to perfect these extraordinary products. Their fame has spread across the globe, while the appreciation of these revolutionary tools is wide and generous, with some happy consumers even writing to say things like “just seeing their cheerful colours around my garden makes me smile” - surely an accolade in a category all its own.

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