Everyone is aware of Threeway's strong manufacturing capabilities and its proven track record in innovation and diversity. What many do not know is there is much more to the story than that.

The past few years have seen a considerable strengthening of the company’s own brands of gardening products and photographic darkroom equipment, tripods and studio lighting.

It all started many years ago when some machines and tooling became available which would take Threeway into new areas of manufacturing such as tube manipulation, welding and assembly. This kick-started an era of using manufacturing to build a range of our own gardening products and started a process of diversi{cation from which we have not looked back.

The range of gardening products has now grown to include a vast range of wheelbarrows in an array of colours, hand tools and gardening tools specially designed for ease of use and the revolutionary Spyrabase products with applications covering almost all possible market sectors known.

This year we have employed the services of a new member, George Rudge, to the sales and customer service team. She has recently joined us to promote and sell all our brands and to ensure we maintain our customer service levels over the coming years of growth.

Threeway currently have a marketing database of more than 30,000 trade and distribution contacts in the UK and Europe. These contacts are categorised into their distinct markets and sectors so regular marketing communication can be targeted.

The right product in essence is marketed to the right customers. Each month this database is and will continue to be enhanced and improved to ensure our marketing efforts are streamlined and efficient.

The online marketing presence has in itself led to a number of large internet and high street retailers contacting Threeway about its brands and now almost all its products are available for sdropship delivery’ straight to the end customers front door.

As is required these days, these products can be despatched same day or next day. Further investment in our distribution unit is underway at present to facilitate the anticipated growth in our brands and will be fully integrated with our MRP system to ensure order completeness and full traceability from our ISO 9000 quality certification.

This has all been made possible due to Threeway’s continuous investment in its manufacturing base from Presswork and Injection and blow mouldings to tube manipulation and fabrication.

Threeway as ever are always keen to expand into new markets and sectors in all areas of manufacturing.

If you have a product to be resourced in the UK, an idea which needs bringing to market or an invention requiring expert assistance, we are the Dragons for you.

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