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Leading manufacturer ThreeWayPressings (TWP), high-quality presswork and injection moulding specialist, has been leading the charge in reshoring business back to the UK. This year alone the business has managed to reshore two product types. On top of that, they have also reshored all of their Spyrabase products back to the UK which was previously sourced in China and Eastern Europe. 

Keeping manufacturing in Britain has always been a key element in TWP’s ambitions for the business. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic Paterson Photographic, part of the TWP group, designed and produced a ball and socket head used for tripods usually sourced from China. The product has done tremendously well in the UK market and has resulted in the firm designing a bigger version. 

In another bid to reshore business, the firm designed and manufactured a golf plate product that allows users to line up their shot. TWP’s quick thinking in providing solutions has contributed to the refocused efforts of reshoring business back to the UK.

Reshoring business back to the UK is hugely beneficial for the economy and allows manufacturers to operate more efficiently environmentally. 

“It's always good, for manufacturers especially, to look at where we can lower our emissions. Not only would we be putting money back into the UK economy if businesses reshored to the UK, it would also reduce the amount of transport needed to get the goods over,” Phil Stanely, Managing director at TWP Group, explained. 

“Things are already changing in society as a whole, as we are having to look at new ways to communicate, using applications like Zoom and Google Hangouts. Combining these efforts, we are definitely capable of lowering emissions,” he continued. 

TWP acquired Spyrabase sometime last year and has since aimed to reshore all of its products from further afield. The team have implemented machines and tooling capable of producing the product range in-house, further highlighting their dedication to expanding the market in the UK. By doing this, the firm has more control of processes, batch numbers and lead times. 

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