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Three Way Pressings (TWP), based in Tipton, has helped a customer reshore business from China to the UK by helping design and produce a golf plate product. 

The Midlands manufacturing firm has designed and is producing a golf product which enables users to line up their shot. With disruptions in the supply chain, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have struggled to purchase goods from overseas countries such as China and India. Enabling UK businesses to showcase their capabilities and talent as customers look closer to home. 

Manufacturers like TWP, a member of Made in the Midlands, are showing their customers that they can get quality and cost-efficient products here in the UK. Phil Stanley, Managing Director at Three Way Pressings, designed the golf plate and already has an order for 500 of them. 

Talking about how this could not only help UK manufacturers to thrive by businesses purchasing more goods in the UK, Phil mentioned that this will have a great impact on the environment if businesses did this where they could;

“It’s always good, for manufacturers especially, to look at where we can lower our emissions. Not only would we be putting money back into the UK economy if more business was reshored in the UK, it would also reduce the amount of transport needed to get these goods over.

Things are already changing in society as a whole, as we are having to look at new ways to communicate, using applications like Zoom and Google Hangouts. Combining these efforts, we are definitely capable of lowering emissions.” 

However, this isn't the first time the business has managed to reshore business back to the UK due to their array of capabilities. Back in March Paterson Photographic, part of the TWP group, designed and produced a ball and socket head used for photography tripods which were originally produced in China. The company now has a new order for 200 of them, they are also designing a bigger version. 

Threeway Pressings specialises in the design and manufacture of precision pressings in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

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